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Typical Investments


Provider of digital satellite transmission networking products for businesses and governments using wide area communications.

Innovative provider of high-speed data solutions for multimedia wireless and fiber optic communication technology.

On2 is a leading broadband application service provider specializing in the delivery of television-quality video over the internet. The company provides full-service broadband solutions to new and traditional media companies, internet enterprises, and Web sites. Amex listing in 1999.

Raycom Systems
Fiber optic network hubs for campuses and high-rise buildings supporting digital voice and video as well as host-terminal and LAN data transmission.

Low cost, low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite-based mobile data, global positioning and messaging communications service in Europe.

Operator of international private data networks, which provide sophisticated network nodes to integrate switching, protocol processing and network monitoring with technology for satellite and terrestrial transmission.

Data communication products, which interconnect LANs to form wide area communication networks.

Life Sciences

A company that was a leader in 2-D electrophoresis which is a system of separating proteins by molecular weight. 

Orally administered, small molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer and immunological diseases. The key mechanisms of action for the Company's drugs are modulation of the overproduction of TNF - and inhibition of angiogenesis. Additionally, the Company's chiral chemistry program develops chirally pure versions of existing compounds for both pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets.

Neuromedical Systems
Technology for the screening of cancers by neural computers. 

Oxford Glycosciences
Leader in the emerging field of proteomics, a comprehensive study of proteins. Successfully integrated proteomics with genomics to create an innovative proprietary drug discovery platform that allows the separation, identification, and characterization of proteins on an industrial scale.

Oxford Molecular
Provides computational chemistry and molecular graphics to European and U.S. markets.


Software that powers online education and related commerce in the academic marketplace of schools, colleges, and universities, as well as the organizations that serve them, such as publishers, test prep companies, and other education service providers. More than 3.5 million people worldwide teach and learn in online education environments powered by Blackboard.

Software for the Fluid Computer Aided Design market. A majority of automotive companies are customers of EXA.

Information and analysis of information technology vendors and the rapidly growing IT end user market.

The leading provider of software products that specializes in Internet screening technology. Enables companies, schools and libraries to safely and easily obtain the benefits of the Internet while blocking unnecessary and objectionable content. Nasdaq listing in 2000.

Provider of access to previously unseen screen space outside the desktop. The revolutionary display space is a cross-platform technology, enabling a convenient, non-intrusive direct channel for the delivery of critical information, branding messages, and Web-based services. 


Lifelines Technology (Temptime)
The leading provider of time-temperature indicator labels. A spin-off from Allied-Signal following a decade of basic research into the polymer technology that forms the basis of the current product line.

Lithium Technology
Lithium ion batteries featuring high power density and long life cycle.

Innovative filtration membranes and systems for industrial waste minimization and recycling.

Portable Energy Products (Ecotality)
Produces thin, flat, lightweight sealed-lead batteries with performance comparable to nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries, primarily for use in portable computers, instruments and medical devices.


Catalina Marketing
The leading provider of in-store coupon based marketing programs. Revenues and earnings have consistently grown at an annual rate of 25% since NYSE listing in 1992.

College Enterprises
Premier college outsourcing partner for campus reprographics and custom publishing. Contractual relationships with one-third of U.S. college campuses.

Savoy Entertainment Group
An entertainment company that sells original music artists through an exclusive distribution agreement with Atlantic Records of the Warner Music Group. It also exclusively markets the prestigious music catalog of Denon Nippon Columbia including Savoy Jazz and Denon Classical.

Vehicular Technologies (Power Trax)
The leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of proprietary, easy-to-install, automatic, positive locking automotive differentials which give 2-wheel drive vehicles near 4-wheel drive traction. Products are sold into the demanding off-road and performance vehicle markets.


Leading portal content provider and Web developer in Asia. Partnership with AOL and majority owner of HongKong.com. Nasdaq listing in 1999.

A leading Asian Internet media, communications and interactive services company operating one of the most visited portal websites to "all things Hong Kong". GEM listing in 2000.