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All men's gains are the fruit of venturing - Herodotus 450 B.C.

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The General Partner

Harry Edelson envisioned venture capital as more than just a quest for high financial returns. Venture capital would help multinational corporations establish and attain their overall objectives. He formed a venture capital partnership which was entirely unique. Only a few corporate partners would be admitted so that they all could be well served. The corporations would be in different businesses so they could work cooperatively and even assist each other. Corporate rather than pension money would be invested so that the General Partner could help the Limited Partners without violating ERISA rules which require investments to be made solely for maximum financial returns. Investments would be made worldwide because of the diverse geographic interests of the Limited Partners and because technological innovation is not limited to the United States. Five funds, 20 plus years and more than $150 million later the concept of combining investment banking services, a window on technology and stellar financial returns have proven to be successful. 

Harry Edelson has more than 30 years of experience in technology divided between industry and Wall Street. His former positions include senior systems computer engineer for Unisys, transmission engineer for AT&T, director of management information systems for Cities Service and director of marketing for a terminal manufacturer. Harry was a securities analyst on Wall Street covering computers, telecommunications, and office equipment for three leading investment banking firms: CS First Boston, Merrill Lynch, and Drexel Burnham Lambert. He formed Edelson Technology Inc., to serve the technology industry in venture capital, consulting, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Mr. Edelson is one of the most quoted technology industry figures in the world, his views often appearing in national and international financial and trade publications. He has frequently addressed major industry forums, often as keynote speaker, and has been retained as a consultant by dozens of technology companies. He is former President of the Analysts Club, the oldest club on Wall Street, founded in 1925, a member of the Juilliard Council and president of China Investment Group. Education: BS in Physics from Brooklyn College, MBA in Management from NYU, Graduate Program in Telecommunications Engineering, at The Cornell Graduate School of Electrical Engineering.