Edelson Technology Partners
All men's gains are the fruit of venturing - Herodotus 450 B.C.

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Welcome to ETP

Edelson Technology Partners is a unique series of venture capital partnerships that provides strategic assistance to major multinational corporations involved in a wide variety of business endeavors. The common theme of the corporate partners is that all are dependent on technology to maintain their leadership. The corporate partners operate symbiotically with the General Partner and in harmony with each other. Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, 30 minutes from New York City, ETP manages $150 million in venture capital. ETP invests mostly in the U.S., but also in Europe, Asia, and Canada. 

Edelson Technology Partners has become the leading corporate strategic partnership in the world. It manages the corporate, not the pension money, of ten multinational corporations in a series of strategic venture capital funds. The corporate partners include 3M, Asea Brown Boveri, AT&T, Cincinnati Bell, Colgate- Palmolive, Ford Motor, Imation, Reed Elsevier, UPS and Viacom. In addition two large money management firms (Welcome Trust and Harbourvest) joined the partnership through secondary purchases. Financial returns have far exceeded the expectations of the corporate partners.

The primary goal of the ETP Funds is to provide strategic assistance to the corporate partners through a variety of investment banking services. These services include introduction of new technologies, investments in technology companies, meetings with significant leaders in the technology industry and assistance on internal corporate investments and M&A. Numerous relationships have been established between the corporate partners and ETP companies and contacts. Importantly, the corporate partners have built significant relationships with each other leading to joint efforts and mergers.